Tutorial 9 Teaching Exercise

Congratulations on completing the first half of the training and welcome to Tutorial 9, a fun teaching exercise you can do at home.
All you need to do for this tutorial is to pick a friend or relative, a brother or sister, mom or dad, cousin, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, whatever, and try to teach them how to read 21E.
Use whatever technique you want.  You can start with the star or the acorn and make simple words.  You can start with the Phonibet and take that approach.  You can do whatever seems right for you.
The goal is to see if you can teach your student to read 21E condensed script in 45 minutes to 1 hour.
When you’re done, come back to this page and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. (It might be a good idea to bookmark this page so you don’t lose it.  It’s not password protected so don’t worry about remembering a password.)
When you fill out the form you will simply write a short summary of your experience. Write 5 sentences about who you taught, what your technique was, what their reaction was, how much progress you made, whether you would take the same approach in the future or try something different and anything else that seems relevant.
The goal is for you to think through how YOU would teach 21E before we show you how WE teach it to kids.  This way you’ll have a well developed point of reference for comparison.
When you’ve finished filling out the form, hit “submit” and we’ll send you’ll be redirected to tutorial 10, the Pre-certification Test.”
A few hints: Older people sometimes are harder to teach this code to than younger people. So, an 8 year old cousin will probably learn it 3 times faster than your mom or dad and twice as fast as a 25 year old (or so we’ve observed over the years).
A small percentage of people will have a negative visceral reaction to the code. This is also something we’ve observed over the years.  Don’t let that deter you.  Try not to get into long discussions about efficacy of the reading system.  Just tell them it’s a fun exercise to see if they can learn a new way to read and write English and that you have to do the teaching exercise and report the results in order to complete the training.
Everyone wants to see their name in lights.  If you can show someone their name in 21E close to the beginning of the exercise it can be a good ice breaker!
Finally, have fun and adapt to your student’s learning style as best you can.  
Good luck : )