The Solution


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The New Reading Solution for the 21st Century is an app . . . called FUNetix®. 

FUNetix® is a reading curriculum that the American Youth Literacy Foundation has been refining and perfecting for the past 17 years as we've worked with thousands of underprivileged and reading challenged students across the country.  Now we are encapsulating that curriculum into an app that completely and independently teaches children how to read with only minimal need for adult guidance or supervision.

FUNetix® works, even for children who can't read a single word, or who don't know the alphabet!

After tens of thousands of hours working with children from all socio-economic backgrounds across the country, we have identified, and resolved, the root cause of the reading problem. 

FUNetix® the app, encapsulates our accumulated knowledge of proven, phonics and phonemic awareness-driven reading instruction in a fun, game-like setting, that makes it easy for kids to understand.

It took us nine years to earn a patent on the FUNetix® Reading Decoding System; and while it's simple and easy for kids to understand, our patent and our curriculum are based on a complex understanding of neuroscience and linguistics, language and orthography, the fundamental principles of how the brain processes the written English code, and the absolute BEST way to teach a developing mind how to read English.

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