In 2020, we tested and delivered a smartphone app called FUNetix.


FUNetix turns non-readers into readers in "about 12 hours."   It works by sending the right information to the right part of the brain to teach children how to recognize sounds and map symbols to sounds.

Simultaneous to teaching sounds and mapping, FUNetix teaches blending of sound symbols to form words.

After learning how to read words, FUNetix teaches students how to read more and more complex material, such as sentences and stories.

FUNetix constantly tests for reading comprehension.  In order to progress through the app, students have to continuously prove what they understand, by choosing correct answers within the reading material.

FUNetix is adaptive, and continuously tracks data to adjust, in "real time," to each student's learning capability.

Once FUNetix teaches students how to read using a basic phonetic English code called Kindercode™, a.k.a. 21E®, the app proceeds to teach English spelling and English phonics, using diacritics.

Finally, the app removes the diacritics and THE STUDENT IS NOW A READER, in just 12 hours of total instruction!

From non-reader to reader in "about 12 hours."  This is what we promise. 

We are the American Youth Literacy Foundation, and FUNetix® is our gift to the world!


Sample Screens:

Why the app works