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Dear Prospective Tutor,

Thank you for filling out the volunteer signup form.  The good news is that you can start your training as soon as RIGHT NOW!  Or, you can bookmark this page and start later.

The training consists of online tutorials that you can complete at your own pace and your own convenience.  Tutorials take about 30-45 minutes to complete. Some tutorials are shorter and some may be a little longer.  Some people finish all of the training in 12 hours or less and some take 15-20 hours to complete it.  We don’t want you to rush because mastery of the material is far more important than getting it done fast.

For some people the training is easy; and for others, it may seem hard. Remember, a lot of tutors have been down this road before you so you CAN do it; you just need to be committed to the end goal and work through the tutorials on a consistent basis.

The first tutorial is supposed to be fun but challenging.  We get a lot of tutors who say they had to “forget everything they thought they knew about reading and start from scratch.” So that’s what you’ll be doing when you take the “21E Decoding Challenge.”

The first half of the training is about “re-learning the English language” from a new perspective: the perspective of sound.  You will learn that spoken English can be thought of as a phonetic communication system and that the spoken language can be accurately represented by a phonetic code unlike anything most of you have ever seen before.

The tutorials get progressively harder up to 8B. After that you get to teach a friend or relative in a home teaching exercise and then take the pre-certification test.  Part 2 goes a lot faster than part 1 for most people, and you might say it’s a “cakewalk” if you made it through part 1. Overall, the tutorials are like climbing a mountain and then reaching a plateau. The steep part of the climb begins in tutorial 4. From tutorial 5 through tutorial 8B you might be VERY challenged by the material and all of the terminology.  After tutorial 8B and the pre-cert test, things get significantly easier.

We want you to succeed and we’re here to help you to be successful, so if you’re having difficulty we will give you lots of feedback on the pre-cert test and make suggestions for moving forward. Also, you can email with any questions you have along the way or if you get locked out of a tutorial.  (You’ll get locked out of a tutorial if you fail the quiz at the end three times in a row).

We know all of this is a lot to take in but once you get started it’s pretty straightforward. To get started, go to: .

The password is: Teach21E (case sensitive, no spaces) Once you start, you’ll get all the directions and everything you need to continue online. If you have any questions or get confused, email us.

Thanks to feedback from tutors like you, we have continually made the training better and easier to understand.  What we have now is a very effective course for top students who are persistent and can work towards and achieve a goal. The reward is that you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know to understand the English written code and to teach reading fundamentals; and you will soon be helping real kids from your community change their lives for the better.

Thanks again for volunteering and . . .

Good Luck!