The Crisis

Whether you're a parent, a teacher, an educator, a Ph.D. in linguistics, a tutor, a reading specialist, a linguist or a concerned adult in your community, one thing is as certain as night meets day: the English written code is broken; and this has led to a literacy crisis of epic proportions in America's public schools.  Somewhere between twenty-one and twenty-four percent (24%) of the ENTIRE Millennial generation is COMPLETELY illiterate!  All those kids went to school.  We spent on average more than $10,000 per year on each of these students, so what happened?

What happened is the English written code is broken, and it's incredibly difficult to teach using the traditional methods our schools use today.  So, according to the U.S. Government's Annual Report card, 22% of ALL 8th grade students are COMPLETELY illiterate and another 42% are considered "below proficient," a euphemism for "functionally illiterate." Together that adds up to 64% of America's public school students who will either drop out or graduate without EVER becoming proficient in reading.  

The difficulty of teaching reading, combined with a variety of social, cultural and political factors, has led to a "Literacy Crisis" . . . that has led to an "Education Crisis" in America . . . that many are calling "the defining social crisis of our time."  The education crisis is the root cause of poverty, crime and so many other social and economic crises that we face moving forward into the future.

So how do we fix it?  The answer is: we need an original solution, something that disrupts the status quo.  We need a solution that fundamentally improves the "reading learning paradigm," gets to the root cause of our reading failure and that is scaleable and replicable nationwide at low cost.

What we need is something that is appropriately designed to compensate for the broken English code. Something that works, something that fixes the "broken code" problem, something that kids love, and something that supports children learning to read the way training wheels support children learning to ride a bike.